History and Philosophy of Argument

In this project, we study the historical and systematic aspects of the concepts central to the field of argumentation theory (e.g., argumentation structure, argument type, fallacy). Regarding their historical aspects, we are particularly interested in reconstructing various contributions to the classical disciplines of dialectic and rhetoric. Concerning the systematic aspects, we focus on the modifications and extensions of traditional definitions of argument (e.g., to metaphor, narration, visual and multimodal argumentation, and polylogue). Apart from being valuable from a philosophical point of view, the theoretical insights resulting from this project feed into the other LANCAR research projects where they are used for the further development of linguistically advanced models of argument processing, assessment and production.

Activities and publications

Conference Talk – J.H.M. Wagemans (2021). On the hermeneutics of argument. ONLINE, Seventh International Conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics (PhiLang 2021). University of Łódź, Poland, May 15, 2021.