Argument Type Identification Procedure (ATIP) – Version 4

Jean Wagemans has published the Argument Type Identification Procedure – Version 4. In comparison to the previous version, this one separates the formulation of the argument lever from the naming of the argument. Furthermore, the whole procedure has been divided into parts and several canonization transformations, as well as subtypes of statements, have been added. Finally, there are four running examples (instead of only one) to illustrate how to perform the various analyses in all the steps.


Wagemans, J.H.M. (2021). Argument Type Identification Procedure (ATIP) – Version 4. Published online December 30, 2021. URL =


What type of argument is this? Unlike for standard textbook examples, this question may be difficult to answer for natural arguments found in the wild. The Argument Type Identification Procedure (ATIP) described in this document helps the analyst of argumentative discourse to meet this challenge. The procedure contains clear instructions for how to identify the type of any natural argument in terms of the categorization framework of the Periodic Table of Arguments (PTA). Its various steps constitute a method for describing those characteristics of natural arguments that are relevant for evaluating their quality.

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