LANCAR is collaborating with Internet Society Netherlands (ISOC NL) and Make Media Great Again (MMGA), organizations aimed at improving the quality of information and argumentation on the internet. Together, they aim to create tools that can help people to enhance their argumentation and critical thinking skills.

Activities and publications

Discussion – On July 6, 2021, Fellowship Digital Europe organizes a discussion on Argument-Checking and Hope-Based Communication with Andreea Belu (European Digital Rights), Ruben Brave (Internet Society Netherlands) and the fellows of the Digital Europe Fellowship. For further info please see the website of the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft.

Webinar – The ISOC NL / MMGA Working Group on Argumentation organized a webinar on Argument-Checking with the support of the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) of the University of Amsterdam. The webinar, titled Information Pollution Defence, took place on Feb 28, 2021 and included contributions from Alexander Blom (ISOC NL), Ruben Brave (MMGA), Stefan Mol (UvA), Camilla Nieman (ISOC NL), Robert Overweg (MMGA), Richard Rogers (UvA), Federica Russo (UvA) and Jean Wagemans (UvA).

Interview – Federica Russo and Jean Wagemans were interviewed by Camilla Nieman about their collaboration with ISOC NL / MMGA. Read the interview here.