Reformulating natural arguments into their canonical form

At the ARGAGE 21 Conference at the University of Neuchâtel, Jean Wagemans presented a method for analyzing argumentation in the wild. This so-called Argument Type Identification Procedure (ATIP) enables the analyst to justify their interpretation of such argumentation.

In his talk, Wagemans focused on the first two steps of the procedure, which describe how the analyst can reformulate natural arguments so as to better recognize the “argument form”, which is one of the three basic characteristics constituting an “argument type” within the argument categorization framework of the Periodic Table of Arguments (PTA).

The conference talk is part of the preparations for the publication of what will be Version 4 of the ATIP. The current version is published on the website of the Periodic Table of Arguments (PTA) as well as in the papers Why missing premises can be missed and Evaluating reasoning in natural arguments.

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