Philosophy of Argument

In this project, we study the historical and systematic aspects of the concepts central to the field of argumentation theory (e.g. ‘argumentation structure’, ‘argument type’, ‘statement type’, ‘stock issue’, ‘fallacy’). Regarding the historical aspects, we are particularly interested in reconstructing various contributions to the classical disciplines of dialectic and rhetoric. Concerning the systematic aspects, we focus on the modifications and extensions of traditional definitions of argument (e.g. to metaphor, narration, visual and multimodal argumentation, and polylogue). Apart from being valuable from a philosophical point of view, the theoretical insights resulting from this project feed into the other LANCAR Research Projects where they are used for the further development of linguistically advanced models of argument processing, assessment, and production.

Student projects

Ermioni Seremeta is developing linguistic models of the three types of statement (fact, value, policy). The results of this research internship feed into the next version of the Argument Type Identification Procedure (ATIP) and contribute to the Annotating Argumentation in the Wild project as well as the KRINO project.

The project is supervised by Jean Wagemans.

Activities and publications

Seminar Talk – E. Seremeta (2023). A rule-based computational model for statement type annotation LANCAR Seminar. University of Amsterdam, February 3, 2023.

Journal Article – Wagemans, J.H.M. (2023). How to identify an argument type? On the hermeneutics of argumentative discourseJournal of Pragmatics, 203, 117-129. –> MORE INFO

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Panel organization – M. Hinton & J.H.M. Wagemans (2022) – Panel on ‘Contemporary approaches to fallacies’ at the 4th European Conference on Argumentation (ECA): The cognitive dimension of social argumentation. University of Roma Tre, Italy, September 28, 2022. –> MORE INFO

Conference Talk – J.H.M. Wagemans (2022). The role of rhetoric in interpreting persuasive discourse. GTR 22, 21st edition of the Trento Days on Rhetoric. University of Trento, Italy, May 23, 2022. –> MORE INFO

Workshop – First ACLC-ILLC Workshop on Argumentation. University of Amsterdam, March 31, 2022. –> MORE INFO

Book Chapter – Wagemans, J.H.M. (2021). The Philosophy of Argument. In P. Stalmaszczyk (Ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of the Philosophy of Language (pp. 571-589). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. –> MORE INFO

Workshop – Argumentation and (X)AI. Third workshop of the RPA Human(e) AI project Towards an Epistemological and Ethically Explainable AI (TEEXAI). University of Amsterdam, November 18-19, 2021. –> MORE INFO

Conference Talk – J.H.M. Wagemans (2021). Reformulating natural arguments into their canonical form. ONLINE, ARGAGE 2021, Université de Neuchâtel, November 11, 2021. –> MORE INFO

Journal Article – Popa, O.E., & Wagemans, J.H.M. (2021). Stock issues and the structure of argumentative discussions: An integrative analysisJournal of Pragmatics186, 129-141. –> MORE INFO

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